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Get data from my Victron Venus to my Node-Red ...

Hi all,

I would really like to get any kind of data from my Venus GX into my RPi Node-Red Installation.

What I tried so far:

Modbus ... unfortunately it is not possible to read data from Node-Red using the Modbus Nodes like that:

Although the reference guide tells me: Address 800 - length 6 --> Serial number

Second I tried to use the existing Victron Nodes - I added the Environment line as explained in the instructions:

  1. Environment="NODE_RED_DBUS_ADDRESS="

But still the Victron-Nodes are empty ... no connection to my Venus seem to be possible:

and thats a pitty, because I really would like to see at least ANYTHING :( :( :(

Please help me ...



Modbus TCPNode-RED
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