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Blue smart charger ip65 12/15 stopped working

Blue smart charger ip65 12/15 purchased July 2020 stopped working

Worked fine for approx 1 week .. using default settings. Unit did successful firmware update on initial power-on and I could connect via Bluetooth from Android phone

Now when powered on (connected to battery or not connected - same result) Normal & test light flash once. When trying to connect via Bluetooth .. device is found then drops every 5-10 seconds. When it is found cannot pair with default pin as it drops out before I can finish pin entry.

Now when trying to connect via Bluetooth .. all lights seem to flash briefly, twice, during pairing discovery then stop completely

Tried several Bluetooth devices (android, MAC, windows) .. all have same issue and cannot connect. Tested on multiple batteries

Pressing mode button does nothing, tried most of the Victron troubleshooting tips, does not respond to force firmware update by holding Mode button during power on

Looking for any other guidance or suggestions

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