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IP65 Blue 12v 5A - Relay Cycles constantly in Float Mode

I have a 12v/5A IP65 Charger which has been used to keep cars not driven often topped up.

Today noticed that it was making a relay click sound about every 10 or so seconds and when viewing the volt/amps on Connect App, it showed it the currrent was droppiing to zero every 15 seconds (approx) which then lasted about 5 seconds before the current would pick up to about 0.3A (during this clicl cycle the voltage seems to rise and fall about a range over 0.2v. It has been doing this today for about 2 hours so far today.. I've had the charger about 2 years and never heard it making noises so frequently as this. Should I make a warranty claim?? If so who do I need to return to in Australia? It otherwise seems to be charging somewhat normally.

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Hi, I observed a similar behaviour as described using a 24/5 IP65 charging the batteries of my truck during the no use time.

The problem is that the relay cycling seems to keep the charger for an excessive time in absorption mode (e.g. after power cycling of the charger) and leads to execessive gasing. Actually by that two of my batteries (one set of lead acid starter batteries) got killed. But I can observer the behaviour also with different sets of batteries.

Any news on this matter?

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I just noticed the clicking of the relay stopped immediately once it went into "Storage" mode. It seemed to be 'clicking' only while in the "Float" mode - which lasted approx 4hrs (however I was not aware of the clicking for the entire 4 hours as I was busy for some of the early part and can only say I noticed it in the last 2 hours of the Float Mode.

I should also mention the battery was out of the vehicle and was previously charged on the bench about a week ago with the same charger. The battery is also new and has not yet been fitted to the car. The charger was plugged in about 4-5 hours ago. Within a minute of the charger turning on it was into "Absorb" Mode which lasted about 45 mins and then it floated for the next 4 hours however I didnt notice the clicking until the last 2 hours (so I can't say where it was relay clicking cycled throughout all the Float Mode. Battery is 500CCA car battery which is new AC Delco and not in the car - just on the work bench. I'm hoping the charger is operating normally - I have all the latest Blue Driver Connect App on the phone etc. I'm not sure if its a firmware revision issue as the charger has updated a couple months ago with a popup message on the Android App.

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