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Protecting DC loads with Victron BP

I have just received my 200 amps isolator and am wiring it in soon, I would also like to wire in the Victron 65 amp BP I purchased, but for the life of me I can't see how these things can work in a solar system if they are not bi-directional (which I am aware they are not). I have attached a rough layout of my system as it stands (dotted lines are proposed connections).

I f the BP can only be connected to the inverter it is pretty much a waste of money, correct or not? Also I can not find a schematic for controlling the BP with the BMV-712 anywhere, although I am assured by several people it is straight forward? Also I cannot find advice on settings in the BMV-712 for same.New LiFePO4 & BMS connections (with BP)..pdf

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