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How to prioritize solar over AC

I am in an RV, I have 6 BB lithium 100Ah batteries, 1800 watts of solar divided into three 600w arrays going to three Victron MPPT 50/100 controllers, a Victron Multi 12/3000/120-50, Cerbo GX and Victron Energy GX Touch. I have a split panel with my AC's not on the inverter, but the rest of the house is. When plugged into shore power I would like to have solar be my main source of power, followed by batts, then shore. When i ran a Magnum inverter it had a VDC setting that allowed. this. I can't figure out how to make this new system do what I am wanting. I have found several threads that talk about it, but I can't seem to find what I am looking for in simplistic terms. I don't know if I need a comms cable from computer to the multi, or if it can all be done a different way. I can't seem to find any controls using VRM, I can't find a way to do anything using the GX touch pad and the Cerbo is so new I can't find anything much on it. Can someone help out in very simplistic instructions. I am trying to learn all this as I go. Thanks, Brett

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As far as I know you will need a mk.3 to USB cable to set a virtual switch in ve.configure.


That should allow you to set the multi to ignore AC input unless your batteries go below a set voltage or if power draw exceeds a setpoint.

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With the Cerbo GX and the VRM portal he/she can use the remote VE.config feature.

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