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SmartSolar 150/35 Stopped providing Watts out. Voltage sufficient from PV Panels. Please help.


As title states I have a Smart Solar MPPT 150/35 hooked up to charge my battery bank. I have made no changes to the system in months, and I used to be able to pull about 1.2 KWH daily. It now will not output any amperage to charge my batteries.

I fear that the internal fuse is blown. Currently the PV Panels are producing around 35-45V. Which is sufficient to charge to my 24V battery bank. The rig(sprinter Van) has not moved at all, and the 'Charger Enabled' slider is activated in the Victron Connect app. How can I tell if the internal fuse is blown or not?

Things I have tried so far:

Disconnected the VE.Direct cable and 'forgot' it in app then reconnected/added it back.

Verified settings are correct for charging.

Checked the fuse to the batteries from the MPPT Charge controller and it is good. There is continuity from battery to charge controller.

It's hot outside so I checked the temperature around Charge controller and controller itself and nothing is above 100 degF.

The LEDs on the unit are blinking 'FLOAT'. According to the manual this means that the 'Charger Temperature too high'. However in the manual it also states that the full output current up to 40 degC (104 degF). I am not exceeding the specs of the unit, I checked with a recently calibrated infrared thermometer all around the unit(heatsink fins/cables in and out/body of unit in all corners and center). Also, when it's early in the morning in the van and it was like 75 deg F inside the van, it was not working then either with full sun and voltage from PV panels.

Also it should be noted that this is installed in a van conversion, so it's not going to get cooler in the van, it will always be hot when the doors/windows are closed and it's summer.

How do I test the internal fuse of the charge controller without removing it? I bought it in September of 2019 and it had been working from October until about ~May 15th. I'm just about to take my van on a trip and I need this fixed asap.

MPPT - Solar Charge Controllernot charging
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