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How to wire Smart Solar Controller MPPT 75|15 and Blue Smart Charger 12v/15a

Hello please help,

I have a VW type 2 Camper which I am fitting the following:

120W Solar Panel

Victron Smart Solar Controller MPPT 75|15

Victron Blue Smart Charger 12v/15a

Victron Cyrix Split Charge Relay 120A

So, I connect the Car battery to the Leisure Battery (100ah) via the Cyrix - I get that.

Question is, Do I just wire up the MPPT (Batt) terminals to the Leisure Battery terminals
And the Smart Charger to the Leisure Battery terminals? and when on 240v Hookup at a campsite how does the MPPT and the Charger know what to do?

Also, when driving, the cars alternator will charge the Leisure battery via the Cyrix - But the MPPT will charge at the same time?

MPPT SmartSolarchargerCyrix Battery Combiner
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your basically right (high level and not considering things like fuses etc)

You can have multiple things working together to charge the leisure battery, they will share the charging. They don't co-ordinate, so for example even if its sunny, if you drive in the morning the alternator will do the bulk of the battery charge. Reason some of us have ways to disconect that line via a dashboard switch or other mechanism.

You need to have fusing to protect all the cabling. Have a look at victrons wiring unliited book if you haven't seen it yet (google it, its a free ebook)

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Thank you dazey77 for such a quick reply,
Yes, I like to keep it high level to start with!
I do have another couple of questions though:

1. Can the Smart Charger be left plugged in all the time?

2. The Leisure and the Car batteries are on either side of the car. I'd like to Install the Cyrix,MPPT and Charger the same side as the Car battery, Is the attached image acceptable? (the input of the MPPT and Charger are missing for simplicity)

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