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Lithium super pack installation to kayak

I have just received my first lithium battery (12V/60Ah lithium super pack) to power electronics at my Hobie fishing kayak. I'd like to place battery under my seat for safety purposes, but in that case it needs to be put in on its side. Manual and Victron tech support just says it needs to be upright, but trying to learn why? In normal circumstances I draw out about 1,5A/hour and recharging can be done in uprigt position. Really wanting to know problems what sideways installation could cause as that placement of battery would be ideal and not making my kayak too bow heavy if battery needs to be added in bow box and increase risk of tripping over in tail waves.

Looking forward to hear your comments about this case.

Antti Kymäläinen, Hobie fishing team, Finland

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Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA answered ·

Hello @Hullukala, the primary issue is a matter of the internal support, damping material arrangement, cell arrangement, and BMS mounting methods of the batteries. Obviously with the old Pb batteries, you couldn't put them on their side because the electrolyte would leak out, which doesn't apply to LFP batteries; in the case of LFP batteries, whether or not they are recommended for installation on their sides is a matter of their internal construction.

Victron LFP batteries are not recommended for installation on their sides because they don't have the proper bracing to ensure that the battery will survive such a configuration in the long-term (such installation requires an entirely different support lattice for the cells and BMS). Vibration, for instance (not that that's a concern in your particular case) is a primarily up-down movement, and when the battery is upright that movement is in accord with the internal bracing of the battery and the cell arrangement, but if the battery is on its side then the up-down movement of common vibration is perpendicular to the internal bracing and will be more likely to cause premature failure of the battery.

In your case, vibration is obviously not a huge concern, but the principle remains that the internal bracing, cell arrangement, and BMS mounting location as well as all damping materials used are all designed -and warranted- for maximum lifespan when installed in the upright position. Installing the battery on its side may lead to premature failure, and such failure would not be covered by warranty because it would be considered a result of improper installation.

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Thank you Justin for a good explanation.

Yes there's no issues in vibration and even battery would be in sideways only the time in water fishing like max couple if days in week and rest of the time upright while transporting, storing and charging. Due warranty void I think I will install battery to bow even though it can't have as protected spot as mid hull would have been with minimal shakes due waves and so...

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