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Some questions about Smart solar MPPT and Quattro inverter


I will connect two 250/100 chargers and two 10,000 KVA Quattro inverters to my Pylontech batteries through busbars.
My questions:

1. Will the two 250/100 MPPTs send to my batteries up to 250 volts/200 amps if connected in parallel or 500 volts/200 amps if connected as stand alone controllers?
2. Does the same principle apply to Quattros?

3. Is it okay to connect everything (i.e the 2 MPPTs, the 2 inverters and the batteries) through the same busbars?

I have read Wiring Unlimited and the relevant manuals.

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Hi, the pylontech batteries are 48 V I guess. So the MPPTs will accept maximum of 250 V from PVs (maximum 5x PV modules), and will deliver maximum 100 A at 48 V. The quattros will charge the batteries at 48V as well. The maximum Amps will depend on the maximum charge current of the batteries (around 50A x number of batteries). Yes it is OK to connect all on one bussbar, I will recommend this setup. Don't forget to use fuses on MPPTs, batteries etc.

And don't forget to setup the MPPTs as well. You need to setup the charge values etc.

Kind regards

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Hi @Jan Zmrhala. Understood, except where you say “Maximum 5x PV modules”. I have now 20 PV modules, each 320 watts, 46.4 Volts VOC and 9.05 amps ISC. I was planning five series strings (4 panels each, so 46.4 volts X 4 panels = 185.6 volts and 9.05 amps). I would then parallel these 5 strings into the two 250/100 MPPTs. One MPPT will take 3 strings (that is 12 panels, 185.6 volts x 3 series strings = 185.6 volts and 27.15 amps) and the other MPPT will take 2 strings (that is 8 panels, 185.6 volts x 2 series strings = 185.6 volts and 18.10 amps). I think I have the option of making 4 series strings of 5 panels each (So 46.4 volts x 5 panels = 236 volts and 9.05 amps paralleled into two MPPTs). The advantage is that the strings would be balanced into the two MPPTs, 2 x 2.
Yes, I have 8 Pylontech modules, 48 volts, US3000.

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