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Cerbo GX not sharing Multiplus info over bluetooth

My new Cerbo GX is not sharing the Multiplus status overview via the VictronConnect phone app.

My setup is as follows: Cerbo GX (with updated firmware version 2.54) is connected to a Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-50/120 (with firmware version 430). They are connected by a ethernet cable (RJ-45) pre-existing from a prior inverter install. I have plugged the cable into the Cerbo VE.Bus port as required and attached it to the Multiplus port on the other end.

My issue: I'm using VictronConnect phone app (Android version 5.25) and have paired the devices on bluetooth. When I open the app, I only see the Cerbo GX, it will not allow me to see the Multiplus.

Attempts to troubleshoot: I thought maybe it was a cabling issue, but If I attached a MK3-USB device to the other Cerbo GX VE.Bus port and then connect it to my phone via the USB cable, I am able to see both the Multiplus and the Cerbo GX on the VictronConnect phone app. This implies that the Cerbo GX is seeing the Multiplus through a proper RJ45 cable connection, it just wont share that info over bluetooth for some reason.

I've spent hours going through all the manuals and hoping to find some type of setting issue, but to no avail. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you for your time.

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4 Answers
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stefanie answered ·

Hi @JT82much,

at the moment there is not much you can do with Cerbo GX Bluetooth functionality, except network settings.
To see your MultiPlus in VictronConnect, you can get you one of the VE.Bus Smart Dongle. With that you will have everything you need (except Assistants and a few other things).

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You can't change the settings of a Multi with the VE.Bus Smart dongle.
You can change the input current limit, switch the Multi on/off/charger-only/inverter-only and see some values like V ACin/ACout, A ACin/ACout, AC frequency, DC voltage/current.

To change settings you need a wired connection with a MK3-USB interface.

jt82much avatar image jt82much Matthias Lange - DE ·

Thank you Matthias. I do have a MK3-USB that i used for settings. i merely wanted the bluetooth connectivity to see the basic values of the boat system over bluetooth to my phone VictronConnect app. I appreciate your reply.

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ram5500-camperthing answered ·

I see this is an older post, but I am curious if any new fixes have been found?

I am about to install a Cerbo GX and Multiplus 3000 into my RV and would like to be able to at least MONITOR it all from my phone.

Is this possible now? If so, what is needed? Just the dongle on the Multiplus?


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If you are installing a Cerbo, then you an monitor the MultiPlus through that and change the charge current / status (on / off / invert only / charge only). This can also be done remotely through the Cerbo Remote Console on the VRM Portal.

You will still need the MK3-USB for some configuration tasks depending on what you are trying to do, such as assistant configurations for a Lithium BMS.r

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Thank you very much! Makes sense

I also got the DMC. Would that still work as intended? If for nothing else, a backup if the Bluetooth has issues



JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ ram5500-camperthing ·

@Ram5500 Camperthing

You don't actually need to go through the VRM portal. You can also access the GX via LAN wifi or ethernet. Just type 'venus.local' into a browser if you can't see it's lan address.

Thanks @JohnC

I don’t plan on hooking my system up to the internet at all. This will be an off the grid, as in, disconnect from everything vehicle.

Hi @Ram5500 Camperthing

The Cerbo has a built in wifi-access point where you can connect a phone / tablet / laptop and access the remote console and MFD page.

bathnm avatar image bathnm ram5500-camperthing ·

@Ram5500 Camperthing, Yes a DMS can also be in the system and used to adjust the input current and change the inverter status.

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jt82much answered ·

So here's the final outcome of my setup, in case it helps some other soul looking for answers online.

I did try adding the VE.Bus Smart Dongle for Bluetooth connectivity to my Multiplus. My thinking was I could shut off the Cerbo/Display power drain and check the boat house battery via phone bluetooth while anchoring out. After installing it, I would get an alarm notification once or twice a day via Cerbo showing a huge battery voltage drop and large current draw from battery. It would reset within 30 seconds. This occurred while the Boat was connected to shore power at a Marina with minimum load and nobody on board. Once I removed the Smart Dongle, and used only Cerbo, the problem stopped. Sending back the smart dongle as defective.

I did add the Cerbo Touch Display which is great if you're looking for battery status at a quick glance without wanting to connect to and fire up a boat MFD.

For those times I want to look at the battery status on my phone while on the boat, I am using Mvader's recommended Remote Console on my local wifi network via the excellent VictronConnect app.

When wanting to check on the system from a far away location, the VRM Online Portal is great (assuming boat has wifi connectivity at its location).

Thanks again for the help and recommendations from Stephanie, Mvader, and Matthias!

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jt82much answered ·

Hi Stefanie, thanks for your response. I was going crazy trying to make it work. I'm surprised Victron doesnt warn about the extra limited Bluetooth functionality in their Cerbo user manual. Adding another Bluetooth module seems redundant, but..... whatever it takes!

If I use the VE.Bus smart dongle, can i connect it to the Cerbo GX or does it need to connect to the Multiplus directly? Also, what are your thoughts on using the VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle connected to the Cerbo GX instead ? Thanks again. John

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Hi John,

AFAIK further Bluetooth functionality on the Cerbo is work in progress. It may take some time, but already is a great product.

The VE.Bus Smart Dongle connects to the VE.Bus. This includes the VE.Bus port on the Cerbo, provided the Multi is connected to the Cerbo as well.

Not sure what you're asking about the VE. Direct BT dongle. You want to connect it to the Cerbo to expand it's bluetooth functionality? I've never tried this, but at the same time I'm sure that this is not going to work. The dongle was designed to work with devices, like Blue Solar MPPTs, the BMVs w/o bluetooth and other devices.

Hi both,

Adding a VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle to the Cerbo won't help I'm afraid.

I see your point @JT82much. To be honest, I hadn't looked at it from that point of view. I was super happy we've been able to add network (LAN + WiFi) configuration over Bluetooth, since that helps to take away part of the "black box" experience when installing a Cerbo GX. And hadn't thought about that from end user point of view the "has Bluetooth" can raise far more expections.

We'll amend the manual and datasheet for sure. Thank you, and sorry it does less then what you expected.

Eventually we'll add more functionality to the Bluetooth; and looks like first finished project will be adding more settings. Not read-out (...).

Meanwhile, I recommend to try both the Remote Console as well as HTML5 interface:

- Remote Console is on http://[cerbo ip address]

- HTML5 interface is on http://[cerbo ip address]/app

All the best, Matthijs

jt82much avatar image jt82much mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ ·

I am using the remote console and enjoy its functionality over Wifi. My application is on a boat, so when i pull away from the dock, wifi no longer works. The Bluetooth short range capability was desired to show the basic electrical system House battery status on my phone using VictronConnect. I ordered the GX touch display so that this info is readily available when I am out on the boat. I may add the separate bluetooth module as well. Thank you very much for your reply. John.

Hi John,

understood. A few more comments:

- even when away you could use WiFi, also without having to install an access point in your boat. The Cerbo GX has a built-in WiFi access point. Limited range though.

- do make sure to try the App I mentioned. Its faster to load & use than Remote Console.

- lastly, I don't know what kind of MFD you have, but also for MFDs the Cerbo GX offers.

all the best, Matthijs