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What's The Best DC-DC Charger & MPPT For My Needs?


I'm in the process of converting my first camper van and currently researching electrics. For now, all electrics will be 12V but we may add 230V circuitry later. My van has a smart alternator so I need a DC-DC charger for the leisure battery and I also have a 100W solar panel (18V @ 5.5A) that will be charging the leisure battery also.

I am leaning towards the purchase of this unit that can do both but want to investigate a possible Victron alternative as I am also purchasing a Victron Phoenix 12|375 inverter for the build also. Can someone recommend a Victron DC-DC charger & MPPT combo that would rival or beat the performance of the linked Ring unit for the same price or better? Thank you.

MPPT - Solar Charge ControllerOrion DC-DC Converters not smart
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