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MPPT 75/15 load output inrush current issue after 1.50 firmware update

Hi, after updating to the latest firmware today (I believe it is 1.5 / 5.24) on my MPPT 75/15, the load output is turning off when I switch on some of my DC devices.

I suspect it is switching off due to DC inrush current as the load output comes back on after a couple of seconds.

It has been working fine up until the latest f/w was applied, so I suspect there has been a change / bug introduced.

One device that is causing the load to drop is a LED security light - not ideal as the load will disconnect every time it is triggered.

Is there anyway of reverting to the previous firmware version until this is fixed?


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@AlexD The older files can be located under Victron Professional from the Victron website. I assume it is a smartsolar which means you can use the victron connect app.

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Hi thanks for the response. Yes this is a smartsolar - so I can connect via Victron Connect.

I've logged on to the Victron Professional site, but there only appears to be the latest v1.5 firmware available?

Looking at the change logs there has been a change to the load output settings:

"Change fast overvoltage protection threshold back to what it was before v1.47, on all non 250V models, due to possibility of mis-triggering on some systems (normally 12V, small battery and noisy load)"

Which is now unfortunately causing mis-triggering of the protection.

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What is required is some actual data such as the current level causing the problem, voltages etc. the equipment connected, ratings etc. The other side is that maybe the DC loads operate outside of safe parameters and this is now highlighted by the firmware change. @Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) may be able to assist with providing an older firmware directly, but if you can provide the above, the actual problem, if one indeed, may be understood. Time to get out those multimeters or some VRM data where possible.

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Hi, i have the same problem with a "SmartSolar Charger MPPT 100/20 - A05F" after the update to v1.50
When load is comming on the DC output (only around 6A), it turns off for 1 second and came back. The problem is, i have some light controllers on the load output and after the restart the light turn always on..
Any chance to get the firmware back to 1.49? In the dropbox are only new versions v1.5

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