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How to use Ve.Bus Diagnostics to troubleshoot issues?

I have been experiencing a recurring error 17 problem with a parallel 3 phase
system of 6 X Multiplus ii 5000.

The Ve Bus diagnostics look useful for diagnosing comms problems and I have been trying to use them to check the Ve Bus
communication health and it gives the result in the attached photo.

There should be 6 inverters present, and there are only 5..... L2 Slave is missing. The numbers are also high.

How do I interpret this data?

I assumed from the data that L2 slave was perhaps not communicating reliably, so I exchanged that inverter for another, but there was no change in the data.

I note that there have been previous posts also asking for this information.

Any help would be appreciated. ( Even if it is to know that this data is as yet unreliable but watch this space!)


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Venus OS
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