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SmartSolar 100/20 and GoalZero Yeti


I'm new to Victron and am looking at adding the Smart Solar 100/20 to my current setup.

My current setup is a GoalZero Yeti 1400 with their expansion module that is connected to my vehicle battery/alternator. The module interfaces as an isolater and voltage regulator since the vehicle battery is an AGM and the GoalZero is lithium.

I would like to add 200 watts of solar that would keep both batteries topped off.

I am new to solar so I wanted to run this flow by the community.

Solar>MPPT (set for AGM settings)>alternator/AGM battery.

My thinking is the MPPT can watch the V of the vehicle battery and the Yetilink module will pickup on the higher voltage and charge the GZ lithium battery.

Does this sound correct? If the alternator were to come on, would it damage the MPPT?


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