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MPPT not receiving data from BatterySense

I have 2 x 100/30 MPPT and 1 x 75/15 MPPT all receiving data from a Battery Sense. Individually they all say they are happy and at night they all agree but when they start producing current the 75/15 starts under reporting by around 50mV compared to the others suggesting that it's not taking it's data from the Battery Sense. Consequently it is always the last to enter float

Edit - just to add to this . I have now turned off the VE Smart and the battery voltage is actually closer to the other controllers and the battery sense. So something is definitely not right with it.

MPPT ControllersSmart Battery Sense
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I've had a similar issue with a 100/30 and 75/15 mppt connected to the same network. I've always assumed that because the 75/15 was too far away from the batteries and other devices it was getting fooled by cable voltage differences and maybe poor data receiving, but haven't been able to fix it. Keep me posted if you do!

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