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BMV 712 SoC draining too fast

Hi everyone,

I've read through a bunch of SoC issues by numerous people and have not seen the answer to my problem. I will try to be thorough and include my design and diagnostics I've done already.

- I have a 105AH x 4 lithium battery bank in a 12v parallel configuration totaling 420AH

- I'm using a Victron 12/3000/120 Hybrid Inverter

- I have a BMV712 with all things on the load side of the shunt(bus bar off the load side) and a single connection to the battery negative from the battery side. I have the B1 wire connection to the battery positive. I have triple verified everything is wired on the correct side

- Loads are reading properly depending on what I turn on.

This is where it gets strange. I have a 420AH bank. If I put a 100A load on the system, it will say I have only 40 minutes left and drain to 0 in such time. I should be getting around 4 hours based on the load. I did a 200A test yesterday and drained my battery bank to -381 consumed AH. However, my SoC went to 0 after only -71 Ah.

Ultimately, my BMV is reading loads in real time correctly and total consumed correctly, but the SoC is way off. It's like it doesn't understand I put 420Ah in the battery capacity setting. I put a picture of my current battery settings. I have tried synchronizing SOC to 100% multiple times at full battery charge and continues to think I have a small battery bank it seems.

Screenshot of BMV settings below. My absorb and float settings on the inverter/charger are 13.9.

thanks for any help,


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Shaking my heads all Problem is fixed. I had to do a full reset of the BMV and configure it again. SoC is showing correct now!

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I was just wondering about your SOC discharge level %? ;-)

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Thank you for posting your solution, Dale! Just wanted to report that I had the same problem with my 712 and resetting it and re-configuring it worked for me too.

For anyone else who comes here with this problem, here's exactly how I did it:

I waited until my battery bank was fully charged and would remain so long enough for the BMV to auto-sync (maybe that doesnt matter?)

I noted the settings I had entered in 'Battery' before resetting.

Then to reset, I went into the app and tapped the gear on the top-right of the status screen to go to settings. Then tapped the 3 vertical dots on the top right and tapped 'Reset to Defaults'

Then re-entered everything and the SOC is finally matching the Amps used!

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