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Battery deep discharge protection

we are using your BlueSolar PWM Light charge controller 12/24V in different projects and we faced deep discharge problems on Lead-Acid batteries (we are using Panasonic 12V 7,2Ah LC-R127R2PG or Yuasa Brand)

The BlueSolar user manual displays that the Charge controller comes with deep discharge protection and cut off the load when the battery voltage reaches 11.2VDC. The problem is that the controller itself comes with a self power-consumption of 10 mA and can damage the Lead-Acid battery if it's still operating. Does the Bluesolar PWM goes to sleep power mode or disconnect itself when the deep discharge on battery is detected ? Or it still continue to grab power from the battery.

Would you mind to let us know which kind of protection /circuit should we bring to protect definitely the battery against deep discharge.

Battery Protect
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