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Connecting a Goal Zero 100w panel to a Victron 75/10 SmartController

Have tried to read up on everything here, but I’ll admit when it comes to anything electrical in my Jeep I can’t seem to figure it out without asking the community. So!

Have a Goal Zero 100w panel arriving any day. And ordered a Victron 75/10 Smart controller. Trying to sort out wiring between panel / controller / battery.

With the 8mm male plug coming out of the panel, it seems I have a couple options... either an 8mm extension cable - that I’d imagine I’d cut the end off? Or an 8mm to SAE connector. Like the idea of potentially buying an SAE plug to run from the controller. So perhaps that makes sense. The plug I found has 10 gauge wire coming from it. Would I run 10 gauge wire from the controller to battery?

This is the best solution I could figure out. But happy to change direction if there’s an easier solution.

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