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Problem with batteries

Hi,I have small instalation of Easy solar 48V 3000VA + BMV701 + 4x Victron deep discharge AGM 90Ah/12V

One month back, BMV701 stopped working . I will change it in shop, but, since this problem batteries jump to 50% of capacity as it is on the picture.

Batteries capacity was set to 50% of capacity for discharging - for bigger cycle number.

Its possible, that batteries are KO cause the bmv701 stopped working?

Next problem is, that i have in Device list MPPT 150/70 twice. thats not good too.

Thanks for any reply -

this Instalation is 1Year old, i think the batteries must be OK.

I'm little bit nervous, because if the reason is BMV, and batteries are KO, i really dont know how to claim it.



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I would start with checking how the inverter is programmed? Is it set correctly for your batteries? Sometimes the system needs a few good charges 100% in before syncing with battery SOC correctly through the VE bus.

Sometimes the charge controller appearing twice is because it was unplugged and the plugged in again.

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