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BMV-700. Backlight flashing. Error bL 1.02

My BMV-700 seems to just be flashing rapidly. And then when i press some buttons it shows bL 1.02

Any idea what this message is? I saw another post about this but they fixed it by replacing the cable. Which in my case looks perfectly fine. All the wiring looks correct as well

BMV Battery Monitor
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I don't think a visual inspection will reveal the fault. I'd expect everything looks fine.
The other person dicovered that is was a faulty crimp termination on their cable. Perhaps you could start by un-plugging and then re-plugging the connections between the shunt and BMV unit. It is also possible that condesation or dirt has got into the connections.
Please ensure that you have your settings saved in case they are lost while the unit is unpowered.

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I have the same issue, although it has been intermittent (saw it last week, but it resolved itself next day, then today I see that it is again flashing w/BL 1.02 error).

WKirby - you note that I should save settings in case they are lost when unpowered...I cannot find anything about how to save the settings in the manual or in the community support pages. Is there a way that you know to save the settings, or are you suggesting I just write them down to re-enter later?

Thanks -


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Same with mine. I disconnected everything, cleaned all and still get the rapid flashing.Started slow but not it's constant. I can find no explanation of what bl 1.02 means. Factory reset doesn't hep.

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sv-horizon avatar image sv-horizon phurstone commented ·

Hey, I was having the same issue today. Blue flashing backlight and BL1.02 code. I couldn't find any info online about the code, but I fixed the issue. I have an in-line fuse on the small red wire leading to the batteries. Took the fuse out, cleaned a small amount of corrosion on the inside of the fuse terminal and it fixed it. Seems that the BL1.02 error means bad connection/fuse or low voltage. I hope this helps.

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