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Venus OS v2.53~2 available for testing

Good evening!

On schedule so far, v2.53~2 is now available as a release candidate.

As announced in the v2.53~1 post, this is planned to be a short cycle, official release early next week, ijs en weder dienende.

This version adds one change:

  • Fix issues related to Custom name handling when using a soon coming Remote feature in VictronConnect:
    • When changing a Custom name in VictronConnect, its now immediately visible on the GX Device / Remote Console. Rather than after reboot that.
    • For many models of solar chargers, a custom name as configured through the GX Device didn't come through on VictronConnect - it would always show the default name.

Those two changes are made in the code that handles VE.Direct communication - if you see any issues, please report.

All the best, stay safe in these weird times and I'll be monitoring the comments below for your findings.

Matthijs Vader

Ps 1. If you don't know what this post is about: this is about our GX Product range (CCGX, Venus GX, Cerbo GX, and so forth). This message is for all the members of the Beta test group. Information on how to join (and leave) that group.

Ps 2. to keep it all together, these are the three changes that already came in v2.53~1:

  • Fix bug affecting our new generation of VE.Can SmartSolar Chargers in systems with a CAN-bus BMS: the maximum charge current limit wasn't always sent properly to those devices when connected using a VE.Can network. When connected on VE.Direct, everything did and still does work properly. There is a related issue in the Solar charger firmware itself, for which we'll make a release shortly. The practical effect on most systems is small or even negligible, since all control of charging, also when a battery is full, is done using voltage limits. Not charge current limits.

    With both fixes in places (this one, and the one in the VE.Can SmartSolar Charger firmware), the chargers will be autoconfigured to BMS-Controlled again, as they should be.

  • Change handling of Sony aka Murata managed CAN-bus BMS batteries.
  • Minor bug fix: the Cerbo GX was not recognised in the VRM Portal. It showed "Generic Venus Device"; not any more.

Venus OS
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