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Inconsistent frequency shifting documentation - correct Fronius defaults?


When setting up an AC coupled system with a Fronius PV inverter, the instructions state that the default Victron configuration is the correct one. However, I have found conflicting defaults and self contradicting documentation, so would like to clear the air on this and get a definitive answer on the correct settings.

On the Victron website there is a guide for setting up a Fronius inverter: . This mentions that it is not necessary to change the defaults, and shows a screenshot of the settings and also a table:

However, as can be seen above, the setting for 50Hz are inconsistent between the picture and the table, with different start frequencies.

When configuring the system, I have tried both the ESS assistant and the PV Inverter assistant, and noticed they both have different defaults:

So when we are told that the defaults are fine, and there are different defaults depending on the assistant, and the documentation contradicts itself, it can be a bit confusing.

For what its worth, I believe the defaults in the PV Inverter assistant are correct (51Hz start) based on my discussions with Fronius, but I just want to check this with Victron and draw attention to it so that the assistant defaults and documentation can be updated.

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Documentation has now been updated, as have the default values of the PV Inverter assistant to make it the same as the ESS assistant:

The comment at the end is important: the specific start value isn't critical since the control isn't that precise, so there is wiggle room in the configuration. This question stemmed from trying to identify a fault in a system which turns out to lie with the Quattro inverter itself, not with the configuration. I believe the system would have been stable with either starting frequency if there wasn't this separate hardware fault.

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Hi Richard,

I tried to get some clarity about this from SMA a while ago. It seems not many of their support engineers are familiar with this, nor with the complete list of all the parameters that can be set/changed from their defaults.

I've settled for a linear reduction of PV power between 50.5 Hz and 52.5 Hz and explicitly programmed both Multi and SMA Sunny Boy's with these parameters. It might suffice to use a 1Hz band (ie. between 50.5 Hz and 51.5 Hz) and I guess the only way to find out is try.

It seems (to me) a bit arbitrary for off grid systems, ie. I think as long as both PV inverter and battery inverter are aligned, it should work.

For on-grid systems though, you may need to dig a bit deeper.

Hope this helps,

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