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SMA GT inverter to Multiplus II AC Output


I have an existing 3phase 10kW SMA GT inverter. We are installing 1 x Multiplus 5kVA48V per phase. and will connect the GT inverter to the output of the Multiplus II inverters as an AC Coupled system.

can someone please advise what settings to change on the SMA to allow me to have the system work in Cape Town South Africa, the site is already registered for Grid Feed-in.

do i need an energy meter on the GT prior to connecting to the Victron Multiplus II?

would the best VE-Config be to use be the Hub 2 even though its deprecated?

many thanks

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Hallo @Raees.c

It is remarkably easy: See . (If Multi and Controller is correctly setup you don't even need this! It only shows you what is happening. The system works even when connection with SMA broken.)

No, nothing clever about Hub 2, but ESS assistant does very eloquently. You will of course need either a Colour Controller GX or OctaGX. (SMA & GX has to be on the same local network.)

In your set-up you would have to configure the Multi's in series as well, You also need to configure the master Multi for GT input. (I haven't done 3 phase myself but it will work.)

You do not need energy meter. ESS switches SMA on & off depending on ability to use energy (loads and battery space) when utility power is out and dumping on the grid is not possible. Practically, when batteries charged and utility is 'load-shedding' then SMA is off until enough space in batteries from supplying loads to deal with SMA current. Output from SMA cannot be modulated - all or nothing.

Do you run any 3 phase devices? If not, consider converting your 3 phases to 2 and run each phase independently. Then you have two UPS circuits and if 1 system is down you always have another as back-up. I do this with 8 kW Quadro supplying two phases on distribution board and 5 kW Multi the other.


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