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Quattro 48v - charger 70A - transfer 100A - generator charge

need information. quatro 48V 70A charger, 100A bridge- ups - in case of AC1 in power failure it will switch to AC2 in where the generator will power 15kw in three-phase connection. The generator is of a low quality but sufficiently saturated to charge the batteries. AC 2 in would in this case only be used for charging. it must not be switched to the power supply of the appliances otherwise it will damage computers. it is possible?

battery charging
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I don't believe so, no.

You can set the Quattro to "Charger Only", but there's no automatic way to do that prior to qualifying and connecting AC2 In.

In addition, you didn't say whether you wanted the Quattro to invert power (for the computers) while charging on AC2 In. It definitely cannot do both of those things at the same time.

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1. grid ups

2. not grid - generator charge battery -inverter load

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No, it can't do that. Ben is correct, and the reason is that the same circuitry is used to charge and invert, so it can't possibly do both.

The other issue you may face is getting the Quattro to even accept poor generator power. This can be 'overridden' to some extent with internal settings, but will then also apply to the grid side charging, and you may not like a non-unity power factor and limited acceptance of grid power (a likely result).

If the Quattro will accept the genny on default settings, then its power will be ok. If not, you'll need a separate charger, and switch it in somehow.

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thank - Victron Skylla -TG Charger 3x 50A / 48V per bmz battery possible. paralel tri phases?

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