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PV Inverter Assistant - unbalanced PV


In the PV Inverter Assistant it says 'Each phase must have the same solar power installed'

So what happens if it is not balanced? If the 1:1 rule is adhered to on each phase will it be ok?


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Murray van Graan avatar image Murray van Graan commented ·

Hi @Stevo07. Do you want to run three separate grid tie inverters, one on each phase or one 3 phase unit? Give us a little more background

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stevo07 avatar image stevo07 Murray van Graan commented ·

Its more of a general question e.g. what are the consequences of not balancing the PV if the 1:1 rule is adhered to anyway.

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pvmaker avatar image pvmaker stevo07 commented ·
I am stumbling over the same question two years later. Did you figured it out? I planning to run a three phase ESS, but only have a single phase PV Inverter connected to one of the Mulit AC Out, which would lead to unbalanced charging load... problem?
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