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what is the input voltage/ current for the relay to power AC 2 outlet- Quattro 48/5000

Application Brief.

There are 2 AC inputs:


2.Shore Power

There is 2 DC inputs


2. PV Solar

There are 2 AC outputs

1.Protected Circuit (This runs the IT, Treadmill, and Fridge)

2.Non-Protected Circuit (Everything else not on the protected circuit)

The protected circuit is always on when there is enough power

The non-protected circuit is normally off unless the Victron is being told to turn it on through a relay that Heart of Australia will communicate to. If power is critical this circuit is disabled to save power for the protected circuit.

We need to ensure this is working and we also know:

1.Where are the wires for Heart of Australia to connect to the relay (they need to be able to reach the IT cupboard).

2.What signalling the relay expects in order for us to operate it.

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Hi, I don’t really understand the question, and looks like the other frequent answerers don’t either: can you rephrase it? I dont know what Heart of Australia is; and its sounds like you have a special configuration in mind; perhaps using Assistants or something else.

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I am not sure about your question , but it sounds like you want to control when AC2 out is turned on.

Normally this is turned on when there is input on (ac1 in) or (ac2 in)

Now you can program how the ac2 out is operated, buy using Victron assistants, I would contact a Victron Agent and ask them to program this for you, maybe even the one that you purchased the inverter off, (they would more than likely charge for there time I would think)

If you have a CCGX or a venus unit connected to the quattro and its also connect to the internet than some remote help and monitoring would also be available as well.

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