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Batteries will not hold a charge after crash

I have a client that has a 2018 Mercedes Sprinter motorhome. They swerved to miss a deer and set the vehicle on its right side in a ditch. The batteries are now refusing to maintain a charge. Do you have any reason for this? It was in the shop for a 3 week stint at which time the batteries got run down to less than 10%. The shop thinks the batteries were damaged in the collision what comments do you have on this and/or do you need more information? Below is what was installed in the vehicle.

Batteries: 2 x Victron LiPO4 90aH Smart Lithium
Part # VENBAT512900410

BMS: 1 x Victron VE.Bus BMS
Part # VENBMS300200000

Load Disconnects: 3 x Victron Battery Protect BP100

Part # VENBPR000100400

From the Shop: We installed a lithium system in, that is comprised of 2 x 90Ah LiPO4 batteries, controlled by a Victron BMS, which is then connected to 3 x BP-100s. One BP-100 for the fuse box (which all loads are connected to except the colour control monitor, which is connected with a fuse but direct to the battery), one BP for the charging source from the alternator, and one BP for the shore power charger. We used to use the AMSolar lithium board to signal the BPs to block charging at low temperatures, but now the latest battery firmware will send the charge disconnect signal to the BPs themselves.

From the Shop:

We just got word from the customer that after 3 weeks of the system sitting idle(starting with a full charge at our shop), their battery was empty and wouldn't charge, and after he put a multimeter on the terminals of the bank, the 2 batteries had a voltage of 2.54v dc across the terminals. Clearly there is something very wrong, as the colour monitor would never draw that much current to drain the batteries, and the BMS is designed to shut off the loads way before the battery gets drawn that low.

Battery Protect
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Have the person who installed the system test everything(each item) including the batteries.

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