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MPPT 75/10 depleting battery with incorrect load-output settings + output oscillating


I've noticed that setting the output "OFF voltage threshold" for the "user defined algorithm 1" to a higher voltage than the current battery voltage, will keep the load ON.

And it will keep on depleting the battery until you have a dead battery.

Secondary I have a problem when I hook up a 12V 3A POE switch. (using 15cm 6mm² leads to load)

Initially it works, but when the algorithm turns the output OFF and then back to ON, the output will oscillate fast ON-OFF-ON-OFF... forever.

It looks like a over-current protection kicks in to fast, or the MPPT 75/10 is not able to provide the 50A startup current that it is advertising in the datasheet.

For diagnostic purposes it would help to see the measured reason for this behavior in the VictronConnect App.

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