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Fitting a Pluggable Display onto a SmartSolar CC


I'm trying to fit the pluggable LCD display on to my new SmartSolar 250/100 CC.

It appears that the method of fitting/design has changed. The manual says 'Simply remove the rubber seal that protects the plug on the front of the controller and plug-in the display'.

Mine has a rigid plastic seal attached with 2 screws which uncovers the connector, but my problem is there are also 2 black plastic plugs that need to be removed to reveal the new fixing holes for the display that I can't get out. I've now broken the head off! Anyone know an easy way to get them out as I do want to use the screws to fix the display in.

I'm nervous about pushing in these plastic plugs back into the case as there might be something behind them. Is it possible to remove the cover? If so how?



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Yes the 2 little black plastic plugs on the front are a real pain to get out and no you can't remove the blue MPPT cover - it's full of thermally conductive resin inside and stuck down, so don't try...

I get the little plugs out with 2 small flat head precision screwdrivers positioned opposite to each other and apply inwards pressure simultaneously to pry the head of the plug up/out.

Sometimes the flange on the plug head breaks first, then I use a pair of bull nose precision pliers to pull the remaining shaft out.

Ideally your SmartSolar MPPT and plug in display should match - either the old style with double sided tape or the new with a mounting flange and screws. But it should still be OK to interchange old and new.

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Thanks for the reply Mark. Unfortunately the head broke of flush with the case so there is nothing to grab old of. I'm assuming that the resin will stop me from pushing the shaft bit back into the case? I will try to pick the bit out with a sharp point and see how I get on. Gonna be a real PIA.


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Mark avatar image Mark ♦♦ Tony commented ·

I haven't had the entire head break off, only the head flange, so I still had the shaft material proud/above the surface to grip.

Sorry I'm not sure if the mating hole in the aluminum cover is a through hole or a blind hole, so don't won't start recommending actions to remove the remaining shaft section - in case something goes wrong... but if it's a through hole then yes technically there should be resin material further in.

In your case, if it's convenient I would actually contact the dealer that you purchased the unit from and see if they can sort it out.

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Tony avatar image Tony Mark ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Mark, What I ended up doing was very very carefully drilling a tiny hole into them and then picking out the plastic with a pin. Now I can can get the screws in. In all it took about 3 hours to do but that does include some head scratching Thanks for your help. Tony

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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

I just had the opportunity to install a display to a 150/85 and I can confirm this problem.
I ended up to just plug it in and don't use the screws.
But the double sided tape was to thin it didn't even touch the surface of the MPPT so I added another layer of tape to get a secure fit.

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