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island solution / 2x 300W / lead battery

I am looking for a charge controller for max. 660W. The panels have these values: Rated power: [Wp] 330
Nominal voltage: [V] 37,82
Rated current: [A] 8.73
Short-circuit current: [A] 9.28
Open circuit voltage: [V] 46,97
System voltage: [V] 1000
Module efficiency: [%] 17.01
Cell type: polycrystalline
Connector type: MC4
Dimensions (LxWxH): mm] 1956 x 992 x 40
Weight: kg] 23

1. which device would you suggest?
2. can I use these panels or must they be 12/24 panels?
3. how can or what do I need to access the device with LAN/WLAN?

Thank you and greetings

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Hi Olaf, and welcome to the Victron Community.

1. You don't say your battery V, but presuming 12V, a 100/50 mppt would likely be a good choice. But roll through this calculator to see your options.

2. Your panels will be fine, that's the beauty of mppt. You may be pushing the envelope to 'series' wire them (the 100 Voc limit), but that's not an issue either way overall.

3. If you get a 'Smartsolar' model mppt, a compatible phone will give you bluetooth access, and that system is very capable. The full LAN/WLAN isn't so easy, and if you want VRM portal access too you'd need a GX box.

But it depends what you really want/need with your monitoring, and of course how much you're prepared to spend..

Plenty to consider in the Victron range. Should be something that fits. But come back if you have more questions.

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why do I have to be told these values
Size L/W/H 1650 x 992 x 35 mm
Weight 18 kg
Connector type MC4
Cells 60 poly
Max. Power 285 Wp
Max. Voltage [Vmp] 31.6 V
Max. Current [Imp] 9.02 A
Open circuit voltage [Voc] 38.3 V
Short-circuit current [Isc] 9.49 A
Operating temperature - 40°C to 85°C

the 150/35 and not the 150/50?
2 pieces in series for 12 Volt battery

Can I also use the 150/50 for these panels?

Translated with

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>why do I have to be told these values<

I don't know, if they've been thrown back by the calculator??

Back to first principles - the '/50' A for a nominal 12V batt, which uses (say) ~14.0 V in much of it's charge cycle, equates to 50 x 14 = 700W. Enough, and you can do the calcs yourself for /30 or /35 units.

You could use a 150/ if you prefer, but you'll find the price steps up then. They do 48V too, so really unnecessary to pay for that.

With your panels and 12V batts it won't matter if your panels are wired series or parallel, and indeed if you have shading the parallel configuration may work better.

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