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Location of the cyrix

Hello, I've installed a cyrix battery combiner on my van :

Start batterie 95mAh

Aux batterie 100mAh

My devices use max 125W, I've followed the instructions properly appart from 1 thing, i did not put the cyrix close to the start batterie, instead it's close to the aux one (I know it was written not to do so but there's a lack of space at the front next to the start one and i thought it would not be a big deal). Is it a big problem to have it located there? should I change it's position and bring it close to the start batterie ?

Also I have a fuse between the cyrix and the aux batterie, the first time I used the electricity in my van I noticed after a day that the aux batterie was not charging, and the fuse was actually blown (maybe after a day of use) I checked everything and changed the fuse and now it seems to be working. (fuse 60A and cable section 16mm2) Could this be related to the position/location of the cyrix, or was is just a one incident and now everything ok?

Thank you for your time

Cyrix Battery Combiner
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@vesselin, what model Cyrix do you have?

Regarding the location of the Cyrix, so long as your wiring is adequate to carry your anticipated current, you're fine with installing it near your aux battery rather than the start battery. The concern with these is that if they're installed too far away from the start battery, depending on cable size then the voltage drop between start battery and Cyrix might cause the Cyrix to close late or affect its internal timers so that it doesn't operate correctly... If I understand your cable measurement correctly (sorry, I'm in the US so I think in terms of AWG), then you have 6AWG wire installed between start battery and the Cyrix, which should be sufficient... depending on your model.

As far as your 60A fuse blowing, there are a number of possibilities... check your wiring, specifically your connections and insulation... make sure they're solid connections and the crimps are good and that there aren't any cuts in the insulation or anything that might have caused a short. In some cases I've seen a Cyrix installed in such a manner that when a vehicle is underway, the positive posts of the Cyrix could touch the chassis when going over a bump or something, which would cause a short and thus blow any fuse attached to the system. So double-check that there is no possibility of shorting anywhere in the system; furthermore double-check all connections and crimps and make sure that they're good. A loose connection will build up heat, which might eventually blow a fuse.

My second suspicion would be that one of your loads is a capacitive load that might have a greater-than-60A inrush current when first started, which could also potentially blow the fuse. Remember that a fuse should be sized at least 1.25% of the anticipated loads... ie your 60A fuse is only good if you have a maximum 40A anticipated load.

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