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Why would the solar input box disappear on a Canvu500 display when the generator runs?

When I run my generator, which is in the same space as my MPPTs, after about 15 minutes the solar "PV Charger" box in the Canvu500 display disappears. Is there a heat sensor that does this or something else? Testing again just now, I stopped the generator and a few minutes later the PV Charger yellow box appeared for less than a minute, then disappeared but the input amps then showed in the green DC box so it knows it's getting input from somewhere but it's not recognizing the solar. It remained like that for 20 minutes and I then rebooted the Canvu500 display... the PV Charger box for the solar was still missing but the input power still showed in the green DC box. About 10 minutes after that I get an error 25 -incompatible firmware error and when I go back to the main screen the PV Charger box is there and everything looks good again. Any ideas as to what's going on? TYIA :-)

MPPT SmartSolarCCGX Color Control
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