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EVCS Automode if infront of Grid Sensor


Due to two different electricity charges for "normal" power and heat-pump EV charging power my EVCS is in front of the power meter of my ESS setup (Its german "Messkonzep 8" where you have a power meter for total power and feed, thereafter devices with low charges {heatpump, EV charger} than the meter for everything else).

So the EVCS is running on grid feed in, the problem is in automode the current is increased depending on grid feed in, which will be high as the power is taken in front (at the grid site) of the victron meter. Thus the current is increased till the maximum current as the power taken by the EVCS is not measured by the victron grid meter.

Is there a way to overwrite the measured value for the grid meter only for the EVCS, I can read out the official grid meter for the EVCS and heat pump thus this would work best. Looking in node red I did not find a node to overwrite this directly as this is no writable parameter of the EVCS. I have a home automation running on an server so I can provide this data via modbus tcp, mqtt or an http api (or anything simple programmable).

For an alternativ

I think this might become a common scenario in Germany as with a new law ( §14a EnWG) EV Charges have to be limited but can then be connected to an extra meter with lower charges, and for best PV usage a cascaded metering scheme as MK 8 or MK C3 will be used.

Thanks in advance


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Temporary I solved this by recreating the auto mode in node red:


If there ist some interest I can explain the code in the function blocks.

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