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Easy solar wiring

Hi all, I have Outback Flexpower 3KW 48V and it's bit noisy (fan control on both inverter and solar charger). I'm thinking about replacing it with Easy Solar (5KW) but I'm confused about wiring. I already have two switchboards (DC from panels and AC for house) - so really just need to run on thick DC solar cable into Easysolar and one AC wire from Easysolar to AC switchboard. As far as I understand the easy solar has 3x mc4 (don't know the capacity/breakes on them - is single one going to accept 3kw array - 30A at ~100V. Can I run the single AC from some internal point in the easy solar or do I need to split it into 2 AC wires and split my 2 RDCs in the switchboard? Also - what are use experience with fan noise when under load/charging? Thanks for advice!

EasySolar All-in-One
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I hear you Tomas. I had an Outback FM80, and the fan in it would wake the dead. When my inverter died (neither Victron nor OB) I replaced the lot with an Easy 5000. Ahh, peace at last..

It has two quite large fans which *seem* to roll over proportionally to inverter load, very quietly, and certainly non-intrusively. No worse than the 50Hz toroid hum, that I find somewhat reassuring. Don't read anything into that, it's quiet..

The 150/100 mppt within is the same as the standalone unit. The multiple MC4 plugs are simply because MC4 has a 30A rating, and join within to a common bus. No separate functionality.

The onboard breakers can be easily bypassed to your own switchboard. They're just a feature, and if you don't need them you could build equivalent functionality with a Multi, mppt and GX box. And get to choose the type & size of each component yourself. Even a Tr model mppt, without the MC4. Maybe a VenusGX instead of a CCGX? Or a smaller mppt, to match a lesser pv array.

Maybe with $$ savings too. Your choice..

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Hi @Tomas Adamek,

I agree with @JohnC. The onboard breakers can easily be bypassed. I normally leave them in, and just remove the relevant wiring. So far, we have never used the breakers.

It does feel like a waste though. Been wondering what is the possibility of them making an EasySolar without the breakers??

There is a significant price benefit to using the EasySolar (in South Africa anyway), as opposed to using the separate components, specifically if your requirements are within the specs of the EasySolar.

We have an installation coming up, for a new house, and we are planning to use the onboard "DB" of the EasySolar, as the main house DB. Looking forward to seeing how that works.

They are quick and easy to install, and where requirements allow, I always prefer to use them, instead of the individual components.

If vertical space is limited though, an EasySolar could be too long to fit in.

Good luck!


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