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Best way for Quattro mobile installation to send power back to the grid

We have been working with a Victron distributor to design and install a solar and battery system for our RV. System is gravitating toward a Quattro 5kW 120V inverter, 1500 amp hours of LiFePO4 batteries and about 2kW of solar.

While the mobile functionality while traveling is fully understood there is one design hurdle we cant seem to get good guidance on. That question is how to send power from the RV system to the grid when the rig is parked in the driveway?

With so much solar generation I’d like to find a way for the house/grid to make use of the surplus. Also, if the grid is down, how could we best use the battery bank or genset to send power to the house/grid?

There seems to be good resources for strictly mobile or strictly static installations but this hybrid scenario seems to have created a hurdle that we cant get good advice on.

In case it matters our preferred mobile functionality will want to have the Genset provide power to the inverter via AC 1 and have shore power to AC 2.

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This is realy a local code issue for the PV backfeed, the hard part is no good pluggable connectors to do the job.

You will also run into issues with 120 vs 240 backfeed, dependent on local code/utility there often is a balance requirement.

I never could get my inspector to be happy this so ditched the plans. When I put PV on the house I'm thinking a DC backfeed on the panel side or just build a carport of pv panels to park under.

As far as using it for backup thats pretty straight forward it's a socket on the RV and a transfer switch setup. This is pretty stock stuff as it's the same kit as a portable generator. I did a much smaller feed than I can get out of my rig but 30a is enough to run my heating plant etc and it's automatic.

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