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victron skylla tg 48V 50A 230v battery charger question

I would like to charge my 48V BYD LVL (LFP) batteries sometimes from 230V AC source and looking for a 48V charger that can be controlled via Cerbo GX where I have the BYD BMS connected already.

Does the victron skylla tg 48V 50A 230v battery charger have CAM bus connection to Cerbo GX? Can the charging process be controlled by Cerbo GX in this case?

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Adjustments can be made by means of turning a potentiometer or by changing the position of a switch on the DIP-switch. - From the manual.

And no it can't be controlled by a GX. It does have a remote on off and that's about the most control you will get after settings are made physically.

The skylla-i can but I don't think there is a 48v version.

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Cerbo GX control is a must for managed battery system. Can you recommend an alternative Victron charger that is 48V and can be connected to a generator AC source? Something that will not feed back into the generator. Should I use a 3kVA quattro?

Other question, Can I connect two quattros in cerbo gx in a way that both quattro able to charge the managed battery but only 1 can invert? (i would use the new quattro as charger only) Too bad Victron does not have a 48V 50A CAM-bus connected charger only..

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A GX is designed to control one Ve bus system. So unless the inverters are one system, no.

The LVL is the 15.4kwh? It is not like you will exceed the 250A charge current.

A quattro will not feedback unless ESS is programmed. But you can put the switch into charger only mode anyway and feedback won't happen. The 3 KVA can charge with 2500w to 3300w is that enough for your needs? That would be about 5 hours of generator run time from empty to full.

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Sorry, the skylla is ve can but quatto / multiplus are ve bus. So, would the following work ?

I would connect a new small 5kW quattro or multiplus II into the cerbo gx which has already the 15kVA big quattro. Can I configure the small quattro as charger only from a generator? (no feed back that would destroy my generator)

Both Big and Small quattro would charge the very same BYD 15kWh LVL battery and DVCC enabled.

What will happen if I enable DC feed in ? Will it still feed into the grid via the big quattro and not feed in from the small quattro which has the generator on.

Basically the small quattro+generator would give me more total power but I do not want to lose the possibility of DC feed in via the big quattro. Please let me know if this would work.

If this would work, is it possible to mix a quattro with multiplus 2 working on the same ve bus. Multiplus 2 maybe better pick for the small 5kVA generator.

Thank you

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