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Expanding my system


I currently have a Hoymiles micro-inverter system and want to add batteries to increase my self-consumption/provide back-up in case of grid failure. The micro-inverters are managed by a data transfer unit and consumption meter combo to prevent grid feedback. I've studied a lot of the Victron documentation with limited understanding, hence, requesting assistance. My plan is to setup a Victron Multiplus II in an input side AC-coupled setup as follows:

It is my understanding from my limited expertise that this setup should allow solar to feed to both sets of loads and charge batteries during the day while still allowing solar production control and no grid feed in without having to use Fronius or other "name brand" inverters. And be able to power the critical loads from the battery storage at night.

Please advise if I've missed something that will make this not work.

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Anyone have experience with a similar setup?

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