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Venus quiet hour controlled by digital input

Hi, first, quiet hour should be more fleksibel called generator start profiles.

and i would like to have a digital input to change start input (activate quiet hour)

Our hybrid generator is some times used for commissioning of wind turbine. We dont want soc be under 50%, so we have battery buffer for this heavy load task. (Load is higher than generator output in periodes.)

oposite, when machine is used at moderate peak periodes, we want to accept SOC down to 25%.

we would like to have a switch on the machine to chose profile after what work the system is supposed to solve at site.

A generator start profile could be a complete set of generator start settings, instead of only soc parameter. And the best was if self decide if need one, two, or more startprofiles for your installation.

and a easy override in gui to lock the machine for what ever generator start profile we want when workers are not allowed to self control operating mode with the switch.

For gui, more choices to choose what fuctions to present and operate on display/ consol

Venus OS
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Note, an schedulong service for gen start profile would also be nice. So “auto profile” can be set depended on time, input or what ever criteria can be handy to act on.

so example work hour allowed to soc50%, off hour and days in the week is automatic down to normally 25% lowest soc..

but as a start, digital input to activate quiet hour is a start :-)

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