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Multiplus Compact not working after disconnecting batteries

I had to disconnect and remove my batteries to gain access behind the electrics compartment. Prior to doing this everything relevant was either disconnected or isolated. After reconnecting the batteries the Multiplus will not turn on. No lights come on in either the "on" or "charger only" position. I've only tried turning it on with the DC connected. The two batteries are showing 13.25V and 13.3V via Bluetooth. Connecting my Digital Multi Control panel has not helped in anyway and that does not light up either. Nor does my CCGX even though that has 13.3V feeling it. I'm hoping that that is linked to the Multiplus not working. I can't connect Victron configure or Victronconnect via a MK3 usb driver and trying Force detection does nothing. Research on here has suggested a possible answer would be to VE Flash a firmware update. Firmware sticker states 2606413.VFD but I can't find an update that corresponds to this number.

Does anyone know if this would be the way forward or have any other suggestions?

Everything has been working fine for 10 months until the batteries were removed.

multiplus ve.bus
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If there are no lights, no one is home.. check fuses. CCGX has one and I hope you MP also.

Victron connect won't connect with no power to the unit. I assume your system has been updated at least once in it's life - the last three digits denote the FW it was shipped with 413. MP are on 509/10 now.

If it was left on 413 then you have to be ve flash, but before you even get there, it needs to power on.

I would remove everything from it (including the CCGX and DMC) and connect the battery and try from there. You might find a Comms connection is preventing it being on.

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On professional, go to firmware - multiplus quattro - 26 400 firmware and download

2606510.VFD if you get it to power on and still want to update. And your firmware is older than 2606430 (easy to tell, Victron connect won't find it to update it after you have it powered on)

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