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Multiplus inverter "DC input low shutdown" value variable limits

I have a Multiplus 3k 12v 120v and I need to program the inverter setting low V cutoff (DC power low cutoff) lower but the programming interface seems to limit that value based on some other setting or parameter. Can anyone tell me what limits how low I can set the DC power low cutoff inverter value?

I want to set this to 12.25v but can't seem to get that low in VEconnect.

multiplus ve.bus
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Michelle Konzack avatar image Michelle Konzack commented ·
12,25V is a very unusual value.

What kind of Lithium batteries do you have?

With 4S LiFePO4 the nominal Voltage is 12,8 and cut-off around 11,4-11,8V

Charged it is around 14,2-14,4V.
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jwerner avatar image jwerner Michelle Konzack commented ·
Kilovault 3600kW they recommend this inverter low DC input value - a big issue I'm having is the software set 1V between shutoff and restart (hysteresis setting) my inverter right now will quit at 12.7V which is 30% SOC at least but then not restart until 13.7 which is almost full charge. This 1V hysteresis seems to be old lead acid designed.
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Michelle Konzack avatar image Michelle Konzack jwerner commented ·

You mean the Kilovault 3600 HLX+?

The Datasheet say NOMINAL Voltage 12,8V, FULLY Charged 14,2V and Cut-Off 10V (+-0,2V)


Hence your 12,25V are strange but also the 10V.

My new LiFePO4 Cells have 14,2V/12,8V/11,0V and at 12,25V I am not even at SOC70%

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Also, I read an article about this now. looks like shutdown related to restart with a 1v gap programmed. I need this lower as 1v on lithium is almost a complete charge cycle. The cutout at ~ 30% SOC can't be recovered from unless the batteries are almost completely recharged. This is currently, essentially an inverter that cannot use the benefits of lithium batteries. Can this be fixed by Victron?

I can't be the first to find this. Is there another thread on this issue? thanks

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