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How to measure DC 12V consumer individually

Is it possible in Victron's world to measure DC 12V consumers individually from each other, as you know it from PICO?

If possible, what should be used to get the individual measurements?

See the image as an example: Lights, refrigerator, etc.

Venus OS
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Hi @Sebastian W.

The smart shunts have an option for generic loads. But imagine that'll be awfully expensive/overkill for the consumption those loads you describe will be using.

The other option is using some other power monitor and forwarding the data to the gx device. And setting up virtual "smart shunts" using dummy dbus services.

howto add a driver to Venus · victronenergy/venus Wiki · GitHub

velib_python/ at master · victronenergy/velib_python · GitHub

I imagine shelly pm devices might be a way to do this for cheaper. Essentially using a shelly pm but spoofing it into a smart shunt set as a generic load.

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Hmm.. I found this project, but it's only for the Shelly Plus 1PM. And as I understand, this one does not run on 12VDC systems.

Is it possible to make an equal system for Shelly 1 with support for 12 and 24VDC?
I'm not the biggest scripter.

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Hi @Sebastian W.

Apologies you're correct.

What you really want is a smart shunt but you dont need one that's very large/expensive like the victron one. There's the arduino route but imagine that'll be a fair bit of effort.

EDIT i tried doing some further research to see if shelly EM included a hall effect sensor in it's ct clamp to measure DC current but dont think it does. Maybe a shelly uni?

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