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Multiplus inv/charger 12V/1600watt setup with Cyrix-ct and Isolator


I have a sailboat with an inboard engine, where I'm currently updating the electrical installations with a Multiplus inv/charger.

Is this diagram the correct way of wiring the system, if I'm trying to achive the following:

- Power from Alternator charges all battery banks.

- Power from Victron Multiplus inv/cha charges all battery banks.

- I keep the battery banks as separate units when no charging is on..

- I get power for the inverter from the Secondary battery bank, when shore power is disconnected.

- I get an isolated Main battery bank, when shore power is disconnected and the alternator is off.

Bonus question:

Do I risk damage to the system if the engine is turned on while I'm connected to the shore power?wiring-diagram.jpg

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter ChargerCyrix Battery Combinerisolators
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What is the ground for on the inverter?

I don't see a negative connection from the inverter.

Are you using the inverter main charger to charge all 12v banks? Or is the trickle charger for secondary banks and option?

What is considered the main bank for inverting? The one labelled secondary bank, since that is where the main inverter + is connected?
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captainclement avatar image captainclement Alexandra ♦ commented ·

Hi Alexandra,

thank you for your reply.
The Victron Multiplus is connected to the + and - on the secondary bank.
The ground on 230V shore cable is connected to a galvanic separation (not shown on the first diagram) and then from the separator to the Victron Multiplus.

I need the inverter to be connected to the secondary bank since I want to avoid any drainage on the Main Bank (starter battery).

I only have the one Victron Multiplus charger for all banks, but when the engine is running I also have the alternator. Could that give me any problems, other than long charge time?

Updated diagram:

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