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Are all Multiplus II 230v models limited to 3kVA PowerAssist?

The Multiplus II 230v manual states: "With its PowerAssist feature the MultiPlus-II can add up to 3 kVA"

This paragraph does not seem to apply to any specific model so it reads as if every Multiplus II model has a 3kVA limit when performing PowerAssist even if it's inverter is rated higher. Ie. Would the 48/10000 model only be able to add 3kVA to a grid connection even though it's inverter is rated at 10kVA? Or is this manual wording wrong or need further detail?

Back story (or why I ask):

I'm considering using two Multiplus II 48/5000 models for a project in France.

Have a decent (15kWh+) battery bank.

We need at least 8kW peak power delivery although this peak is very rare and usually peak power required is easily under 4kW.

Install small solar array of 4-5kW and have it connected to battery bank via MPPT.

The grid connection would be kept only for charging after a number of cloudy days and have limited solar charging supply (grid supply would be 3kVA).

Grid feed in here in France is 'complicated' so would be disabled. Although it would be nice to be able to sell surplus to the grid if the correct paperwork could be eventually arranged.

Elsewhere I have read that Multiplus II units in parallel should be considered logically as one unit, so two 48/5000 should operate exactly like one 48/10000.

If my interpretation of the manual is correct this implies that having the AC input connected and using PowerAssist is not useful as it would lead to an output power of 3kVA (grid) + 3kVA (PowerAssist). Whereas if one never connected the AC input the Multiplus II (pair in my scenario) would always run on just it's inverter which would be 10kVA total output.

Can this really be true? Does having the AC input connected and thus using PowerAssist really lead to less available output power? That sounds illogical and am hoping it's just that the wording in the manual is slightly misleading.

Have I understood all this correctly?

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Victron Inverters can add their inverting power to the incoming grid input. It does depend largely on set up though.

See the tech spec or the datasheets for peak power.

Be aware though that the aux out has a limit.

If you are running the ESS assistant the system determines how much to assist.

My other thought on the parrallel set up. Better and more efficient to get one 10kva that 2x5kva in parrallel. Mathematically double power is what should happen but in reality it often does not.

The manuals are currently under revision. New products and features being added to the ranges with loads of debugging has attention elsewhere.

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I'm aware what the datasheets say but the manual says, "With its PowerAssist feature the MultiPlus-II can add up to 3 kVA" without mentioning if this is an example that refers to a specific model, or if this is across all models in the range. It is clarity on that particular line I'm looking for please.

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The manuals are under review. It used to be for just the 3kva model. so that is probably an oversight. The range has increased alot recently.

Refer to the datasheet and tech specs.

Through the history of Victron Inverters they have always been able to add their (model specific) invert power to the incoming connection. (Up to the peak power)

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