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Program the RS Multi to charge from the Grid when SoC hits 10%

I've installed an RS Multi for a customer as a stand-alone system and need confirmation / instruction on how to program it to charge from the grid.
The grid is on a breaker to AC-in.
The system runs house loads only - it does not output to the grid.
I thought I'd programmed it correctly with the Victron Connect App to 'connect when SoC drops to 10%', but this morning when SoC went low in the bad weather it did NOT connect.
I'm yet to get back onsite to double-check my programming, but I have a few questions,....

1. When the Multi RS programming is done via the app is that over-ridden by the Cerbo at all?

2. Can the Demo in the app be updated to the latest firmware? It is on v1.02, and I find that incongruous when we are told to update to the latest firmware to get support (yes, my install has all products updated to latest.)

For clarity, the system is off-grid on a previously grid-connected house.
Connected to the DC inputs of the RS Multi is 2 x 3320Wp of PV and 12kWh of BYD LVS.
And a Cerbo GX with Touch50. All work done by a licensed electrician. All proprietary leads used - specifically the type-A cable.
It is not on VRM.

It has been in operation for about two months, working perfectly apart from this charge / program issue.

SOCMulti RSdischarge level
2 |3000

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