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Disillusioned in bulgaria - trouble getting service for inverter

On dealer advice, bought a phoenix 12/1200 solely to run a fridge freezer in our house. It worked fine for almost 18 months, then developed a buzzing sound & intermitted red alarm fault. We sent it to the local accredited engineer who said he hadn't the facility to test it for long, he ran down a battery checking it, couldn't find a fault, tightened a couple of screws and returned it.

Obviously the fault remained. Contacted him again, he said he needed to examine our set up in person (chargeable) and didn't like the idea that we have a completely separate 12v lighting system, he thinks all should run through inverter which sounds like a poor solar engineer to me as well as irrelevant.

Contacted victron, they say send back to this man who can't test it & is more interested in checking the system. Victron and the engineer have been sent videos of the fault in action, both in and out of the system. Happy to post here if necessary.

The inverter does not function, horrible buzzing sound, red alarm fault. Does this with or without load, in our system or running directly off different, unconnected, stand alone battery.

We have played around with the system, connecting different battery banks, different panel sets, different charge controller and different inverter. The only part that fails in every isolation test is the victron inverter.

Now been living without a fridge freezer for a month, no resolution, no offer of warranty help. My husband has now had to travel overseas to work, hoped he'd resolve long before this.

Feeling utterly let down and frustrated not knowing what to do. If anyone knows a trustworthy, competent person I can get this unit to, for proper testing and repair, please let me know.

Wish I'd bought the cotek.

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Sorry to hear,

Please fill out this form - to progress this, it will keep Victron in the loop too to make sure you are getting service.

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