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Lack of stress mitigation?

I recently purchased a Bluetooth dongle for my 75/10 BlueSolar charger and I quite unpleasantly found out that Victron placed no(zero, zilch, nada, naught) stress mitigation on the port (I believe it's a JST PH style, but I could be wrong) used for connecting either the Bluetooth dongle or a USB cable.

This is more of a heads up, than a question so those whose haven't broken yet, will stay that way.

I had to wire in new "pads" from the remaining circuit trace as the pads ripped right off the board since they were the only things that hold on the plug so when I moved the Bluetooth dongle over the leverage created by the cable broke the connector off along with the pads.

Be careful everyone, if you can, try to add some silicone or something as it takes VERY little to break these.

Suffice to say, I'm very disappointed in Victron for overlooking something so simple. I hope this has been rectified, or will be in future models.

And please, Victron. Fasteners, please, not glue. At least not just glue holding the entire unit together. That's absurd. The only thing holding the board onto the case is a glob of Silastic on the coil.

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