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Charge controller is non responsive

Hi , I’ve just had my ford transit outfitted with 3 360 watt panels, multiplus compact 12/2000/80-50/120v ,smart solar charge controller mppt 150/85-Tr , BMV-712 smart and 3 battle born 12v lithium batteries. All was going well with the install and mounting of panels but when the power was turned on to the controller the lights flashed as it started up but immediately the electrician and I heard the “click” of what was assumed to be the breaker. Immediately it was apparent that the negative cable from the battery was not in its slot in the bottom of the charge controller, all other connections were in place , the positive cable , the PV cables. Once the negative cable was put in place ,the power was turned back on but the breaker would not reset , leaving the charge controller with no power. I have since unhooked all connection to charge controller and reset the breaker successfully. Thank you for any help or info about what has happened or what should be done about this unfortunate dilemma.

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Hi T. Just a couple of stabs-in-the-dark. Process of elimination..

1/ Incorrect polarity. Easy to do that with pv cables. Check with a multimeter, and while there check V in full sun, both disconnected and connected to the mppt.

2/ Series wired panels that have exceeded 150 Voc. Easiest way to wire them of course, just 2 clicks of those MC4 connectors and you have a series string, which under the wrong conditions could push V beyond the panel labels and what the mppt can handle. The breaker? noise may be a break noise.

Please confirm.. and include some photos of the installation.

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