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ArgoFet : batteries not the same size


I would like to know if it is possible to use an ArgoFet 100-2 to have a system with :

- 1 alternator, 60 amps

- 1 main battery with the starter and small devices connected to this battery. 60 Ah or so

- 1 secondary backup battery, aimed only at maintaining critical systems powered in case system 1 fails. Second set of small devices connected, but no starter. 30Ah or so. This is a "backup system".

Typically, after cranking the engine, battery 1 will be lower than battery 2. Battery 2 is expected to be always well charged.

Thank you

Argo FET Diode
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The size of the batteries compared with the alternator current rating sound very small. There may be potential damage to the smaller battery due to higher than rated charging currents - check the specification.
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