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How can I access the SQLITE data from a CCGX offline?


We have a problem regarding uploading the datas into our platform. After we got the informations from CCGX via sd card ,we tried to convert from sqlite to excel without using VRM portal. However, we got meaningless data set. If it is possible, we want to convert these informations in a meaningful data.

Thanks in advance.

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi @uccay,

Please read this section of the VictronConnect manual for how to convert the file that is created by the CCGX for reading offline without VRM:

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Hello Steaward,

Thanks for your quick response.

Actually, we have an additional question;

Firstly, i want to mention that we are working on a platform which includes different information coming from different equipments other than CCGX via standart GSM Router. Therefore, i want to transfer meaningful data from CCGX to my project platform. However, I cannot handle the integration between offline victron connect app. or VRM portal with my project platform. So, if it is possible, I want to use sqlite data directly in my project platform and translate to meaningful information that I don't know how.

Secondly, I read from victron energy webpage that there is one more solution with modbus communication, however, it requires modbus gateway which adds more cost that I dont want.

Finally, as briefly explain, I have router and platform on my sites including not only victron equipment but also others. however, I can only track real time data from VRM portal or Victron Connect apps that is hard to integrate to my project.

Thanks in advance for your support,

Best Regards,

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Modbus and MQTT are part of the CCGX, no other parts or costs are required.

However you are now beyond the “supported” platform, so please open a new question in the modifications space -

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