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Success story - Multiplus is amazing

I just wanted to provide a success story, and a shoutout to Victron. Thanks for making an amazing product, which has proved invaluable in our bus conversion.

We had gone back and forth about installing propane heaters/cooktops, and even considered a diesel (webasto) cooktop. When considering an electricity-based system, we considered how to limit electrical consumption, as well as which appliances or features we could live without.

We also considered several cheap inverter products, but finally invested in a Multiplus 24/3000-70-16, with a Venus GX and a BMW702. Our battery is a 200ah Lithium pack, and this is installed in our 13 meter touring bus conversion, coupled to the bus alternator via a charging relay.

In the end, we decided to just go all in - 100% electrical - and have wired all the following on the AC1 output:

- 1Kw Split system Air Conditioner (Heat Pump/Inverter)

- Dual-zone Induction Cooktop

- Full-size Microwave/Grill/Convection Combo Oven

- Full-size Refridgerator/Freezer combo

- 7kg Washing Machine

- Outlets for all kinds of tools/accessories, such as heatguns, hairdriers, hair straighteners, vacuum cleaner, computers, etc.

- Electrical Hot Water heater (on AC2), which also can be connected to the engine coolant/webasto).

We are literally still on our maiden voyage, and have visited several campsites across Europe. The ability to use PowerAssist is especially amazing, since several campsites only provided 10amps or even 6 amps of 220V service. So even with only 6Amps available shore power, we had full AC running, while cooking pizzas in the convection oven, charging our DC system (lights, kitchen fans, water pressure pump, etc.), running the fridge/freezer, and vacuum cleaning, all at the same time.

The greatest part was how we completely "forgot" about being on the road - the Victron setup gave us the freedom to cook, work, clean, and basically operate like home, without ever having to worry or consider any electricity limitations.

So thanks again for a fantastic product (and community) - the Multiplus has taken what we anticipated to be stressful and a big headache, and turned it into a completely worryfree experience.

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Excellent. It's nice to hear success stories and that people are getting what they expect from Victron products.
Thank you for taking the time to let us know! Do you have any pictures of your installation that you'd like to share?

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